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Nick Romeo is a journalist, critic, and essayist. His new book, The Alternative: How to Build a Just Economy (forthcoming January 2024 from PublicAffairs and Basic Books), uses extensive original reporting to provide a road map for a sustainable and survivable twenty-first-century economy. He has spent years covering policy and ideas for The New Yorker magazine, where he has explored the neuropsychologist Nicholas Humphrey’s novel theory of consciousness, reported on the world’s largest worker-owned cooperative in Mondragon, Spain, and examined a job guarantee experiment outside of Vienna, Austria. Nick has contributed front page breaking news stories, profiles, and essays to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Scientific American, The Atlantic, Rolling Stone, The New Republic, and many other venues. His work ranges from reports on the refugee crisis in Greece to the privatization of archaeological resources in the American southwest to a profile of the Nobel laureate Kazuo Ishiguro. He has reviewed dozens of books and has published on the history of the novel, Plato and behavioral economics, and the purpose of education. Nick holds a BA from Northwestern University, as well as an MFA in fiction and an MA in ancient Greek philosophy from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He teaches in the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley. 


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